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3D scanners are essentially an advanced camera that converts physical parts into data points that replicate the part. We use these data points to recreate the object in the digital world. Once we have a digital model built, imagination is the only limit on how to modify, transform, or improve the system being worked on.


The time saved and quality of products produced has revolutionized the way we approach aftermarket parts. We achieve resolutions <0.01" on objects ranging from the size of your phone all the way up to full car interiors.


Check out our tailor-made budles to get your start in scanning at an affordable price, backed by Reversion support!

The Essentials 

Introductory price of $8,700 USD including shipping


If you're looking for a high-quality, well thought out scanner with fantastic software, in one afforable package, look no further. There's no better option for a turnkey professional grade 3D scanning solution. Get the Peel 3, Peel.OS software, free cans of AESUB scanning spray, tailored training from our experts and discounted engineering services. All at one low price!

The Pro Innovator 

Sale price of $9,990 USD, including shipping!

If scanning is a big part of your daily workflow, this is the package for you!

Peel.CAD ($3,500 value) is the perfect reverse engineering software that you'll get with a lifetime license!


Included is the Peel 3 protection kit and travel case as well as the VIPeel extended warranty/protection plan. Start you scanning journey off right with the included 3,000 Easy Removeable AESUB position markers, scanning spray and turn table. 

The Crate

Sale price of $12,499 USD, including shipping!

Absolutely everything you need to get a running start scanning. From a laptop hand picked by our engineers that'll handle the scanning load to an incredbile selection of AESUB tools and accessories to make any job a breeze. Simply a 100% complete scanning solution!

A scanner is only as good as its software -

the Peel 3 comes with some of the best!

If you've ever worked with lower-end scanners,

you know how crippling poor software can be.


Peel's integrated peel.OS software gets rid of all of those headaches! Designed with you in mind, peel.OS enables you to scan, clean, align and export your data as easily as possible. You will be scanning with confidence in no time at all thanks to the guided workflows, assisted merging of multiple scans, and integrated help!


Peel.CAD is another fantastic software tool that is ideal for reverse engineering. Seamlessly working with Peel.OS to quickly can easily transform your scans into useable CAD models.  

Why Buy with Reversion?

• Years of experience using the Peel 3

•In-depth knowlegde of automotive field and scanning best practices 

•Experts in custom one-off pieces & full production parts manufacturing with Peel

•Competitive pricing

•Active support to get you scanning fast!

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