All Orders

Payment in full is required prior to the manufacturing of these products as they are all currently made to order. Prices are subject to change without notice in event of vendor changes. All products are indented for off-road use only.

Returns Policy

All sales are final, no returns accepted. These products are made to order.


All shipping will but standard USPS or UPS services and will be free for all US orders in the lower 48 states. All shipments to Canada will ship for a $20 flat fee. For shipping outside of the lower 48 states and Canada please contact us directly.

Lead Times

As stated, all products are made to order. A 1-2 week (Street/Track) and 3-4 week (Premium) lead time is standard and subject to change at anytime, current lead time will be updated on our front page. It is rare for an order to exceed 4-6 weeks. Custom orders may take longer, please understand that we are trying to produce these products as fast as possible.

Back Ordered Products

For all products external to Reversion Raceworks, such as Holley Digital Displays, or any other component or assembly not directly produced within our shop, the following back order rules apply: If a purchased item is on backorder status from the manufacturer, the customer will be notified and be given two options - leave the order as unfulfilled and wait for the part to be re-stocked before shipping, or opt to cancel the order/backordered items for a refund. We are not responsible for the stocking or availability of products by external manufacturers or distributors.


Digital Dash Displays

Unless otherwise noted, all our digital dash display mount listings include only the mount panel itself, and no digital displays (eg Holley 6.86 or 7", Haltech IC7). Our mounts simply allow you to fit your desired display to your vehicle of choice. Our parts will include hardware and other items as required to mount our parts in your vehicle. Contact us for package deals if you desire to purchase a digital display alongside our dashboard mounts.


We have no affiliation with any branding, licensing, or trademark of any company listed or mentioned on our website unless otherwise stated.