Product Lines

Premium Line

Our Premium Line of components should be considered when the absolute highest quality parts are desired. This line boasts no discernable layer lines and a uniform textured surface finish. Made of industrial grade nylon, these parts are more durable than most of the OE parts they are replacing. As a lifetime use product, the premium line components won't embrittle over time due to elevated cabin temperatures and are UV resistant to protect from the sun's rays.

Another benefit of the premium line is that you choose the finish on the final part. We currently offer the following finishes:


Raw (By request only) - a white/gray finish, with meduim texture. Paint adheres extremely well to these parts, allowing you to paint to match your interior. Recommended paint is SEM Colorcoat.

Matte Black - Our standard finish. Raw parts are dyed black and retain a lightly textured, matte surface finish.

Polished/Smoothed Black

(By request only) - the light texture on the parts is chemically removed to create a smooth, gloss black surface finish. 

Street Line

Our Street Line is perfect for daily drivers or race car use, where your budget is just as important as the function of your parts. Surface finish is very good, with consistent texture and visible layer lines. Made of a carbon fiber reinforced polymer, these parts are extremely durable and lightweight. UV resistant and stable at high temperatures, this line is an excellent choice and offered at a very competitive price.


Color is only available in a semi-gloss black. If desired, the end user can smooth/sand and paint the parts for color change if desired. Universal primer and SEM Colorcoat are our recommended paints.

Track Line

Track Line parts are our lightest weight and most budget friendly option. Manufactured from CNC milled ABS or laser cut materials, these parts are precise, affordable, and are easily customizeable to your needs. Since these components are cut from flat material, in some instances they aren't able to mimic the factory components they are replacing. For example, the dash pictured above does not have a 'pocket' for the screen to fit into as seen in out other two manufacturing methods.


The ABS sheets have a nicely textured surface that mimics factory 'grain', and the laser cut materials can be aluminum, steel, copper, carbon fiber, and more.