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3D Scanning
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Precision Parts Faster than Ever

Learn about 3D scanning's capabilities.

3D scanning technology works on the principle of using a handheld camera to convert a physical part into data points that replicate the part. We use these data points to recreate the object in the digital world. Once we have a digital model built, imagination is the only limit on how to modify, transform, or improve the system being worked on.


The time saved and quality of products produced has revolutionized the way we approach aftermarket parts. Accuracy is exceptional, and time saved and accuracy are unparalleled. We achieve resolutions <0.01" on objects ranging from the size of your phone all the way up to full car interiors. We offer complete scan to manufacture options, or any combination inbetween. 


If you want to take the jump and purchase your own scanner, we offer competitive pricing and an awesome startup package for free, included when you purchase a Peel3D scanner through us.

See what the Peel3 scanner can do!

Let's build something special

We're proud to provide professional quality, full-feature models to take your custom build to the next level.

Several years of experience in CAD (computer-aided design) projects via a full Solidworks suite allow us to provide customers with full featured, accurate models made to exact specifications. 

When paired with our scanning capabilities, CAD allows us to create unique, bespoke parts that simply fit. This process is how we produce our dashboards, where we scan an OEM part and modify the data to fit popular EFI displays perfectly.

If you already have a model you'd like modified, or 3rd party scan data, we can work with that too!

Manufacturing Options

Experts in additive manufacture and much more.

We built our business on the foundation of providing excellent quality, lifetime use 3D printed parts. All materials, machines, and finishes provided to you have been extensivley tested and tuned to meet our exacting standards. Materials used are generally carbon fiber reinforced, but can be changed to meet your enviornment's specific goals.


Aside from our production part flow, we are happy to manufacture models for you to take the headache out of tuning a new material, not having an enclosure, or other complexities that come with additive manufacture. Contact us and we'll be happy to work with you from one-offs to volume production.


Not every part needs to be 3D printed - we also offer CNC cut options for more robust requirements. Inside and outside brakes allow us to bend metal for bracetry, which can be supplemented with coatings, threaded inserts, and chamfering options. We've got most materials, from aluminum and steel to wood and even carbon fiber panels.

Parts Resale

We'll be your inside-source for wheels, tires, performance and more!

Let us help you take advantage of the connections we've built in the industry! We've got thousands of aftermarket and repair parts available to ensure your ride gets where it needs to be. Contact us for exclusive deals on wheels, tires, digital displays, ECUs, and more.


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