95-98 OBS Chevy Truck Dashboard

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$140.00 - $195.00
$140.00 - $195.00


Our newest addition to the GMT 400 product line, our dash insert for the 95+ trucks is now available. Designed from precision scans of an OE cluster, this insert performs just as good as it looks. Designed to fit the EFI dash of your choice, including the Tinker 7", Haltech IC7 and the Holley EFI 12.3", 6.86" and 7" displays. Just click on your desired screen type and the design will pop up in the images!

It can be also be ordered blank or modified by us to meet the objective of your unique build - just reach out and we're happy to help.

Note: Only the Holley 12.3 option comes as a 2 piece assembly, as shown in the last image. In order to fit this huge screen, we made a one-off aluminum bracket to mount it perfectly in your dash with no modification required! Also please notice minor trimming to the outer bezel may be necessary for the Tinker 7" light bar.

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Made in the USA!

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