Holley 12.3" Pro Dash in the 97-04 Dodge Durango / Dakota

Holley 12.3" Pro Dash in the 97-04 Dodge Durango / Dakota

Published by Spencer C. on Jul 6th 2022


This document outlines the process required to fit a 12.3” Holley digital dash into your 97-04 Dodge Durango / Dakota using the Reversion Raceworks mount. The process requires permanent modification to your dashboard, and should be performed by a professional with mechanical experience. This guide only outlines how to modify the dash bezel to fit the display + our mount - screen wiring / routing is up to you and not covered.

The tools you will need are a small rotary cutoff tool, ruler/calipers, file, sandpaper, masking tape, a screwdriver, and patience.

Modification Process: 

The only part that needs to be cut is the dash bezel. Remove the bezel by removing the factory screws, clips, and electrical connectors so you can work with the bezel on a secure surface. Remove your factory cluster with a screwdriver and do whatever you want with it. If you’re running a 12.3” ProDash, you probably know how to take apart your factory dash assembly.

Since the Holley screen + Reversion mount end up thicker than the factory cluster, the upper and lower extensions that form the ‘hood’ or 'shroud' protruding from the rear of the bezel will need to be shortened. Take your time when cutting - our measurements are only a starting point. Take off less than you think so you don’t overshoot the cut.

Fig. 1: Rear view of the unmodified bezel

Using your measuring tool of choice, mark ¼” in from the edge on the upper shroud. Lay your tape tangent to the ¼” point and align the tape so that it sits parallel to the face of the bezel. You’ll use the tape line as your guide for your cut with your Dremel tool / cutoff wheel. See Figure 2 below:

Fig. 2: Upper shroud tape line, inset ¼”

The bottom shroud that covers the column will need to be measured and marked in the same manner. Measure the smaller shroud and mark ½” inside from the center of the lip. Lay the tape just like on the top portion of the hood. See Figure 3 below:

Fig. 3: Lower shroud tape line, inset ½” 

Once satisfied with your tape lines, break out the cutoff wheel and carefully cut off the excess portions of the upper and lower shrouds. Test fit with the screen installed in our mount to see if more material needs to come off.

Once everything is verified and fitting as desired, use a small, fine file to break the cut edges and take down any burrs. Smooth with a fine grit sandpaper to round out the filed edges and complete your final install of the bezel. Enjoy!

Fig 4: Installed 12.3” with our mount

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Reversion Raceworks, Reversion Devolopment, or any of its affiliates not responsible for damages, injury, misuse, or any other cost to property, life or limb that may result directly or indirectly from the installation or use of our products. Use this writeup as an informational guide only.