Haltech IC7 Screen Blank

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If you're looking to mock up a custom Haltech IC7 mount in your ride or just not ready to bite the bullet yet on the real deal, get one of our screen blanks so you can check your fit before you drop the cash. If you already have a screen, consider using one of these for mock-up assemblies so you don't scratch up or otherwise damage your expensive screen.

We've used these for years in our dash design and development process and use them every day, you should too.


  • 100% true to size
  • Accurate screen dimensions/viewing area
  • Correctly positioned mounting holes and connectors
  • Lightweight Black PLA - inexpensive and perfect for prototyping

 Please note these inserts do not come with threaded inserts. We recommend using self tappers or a coarse screw if fastening is necessary.


Made in the USA!

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