Got a Mustang? The Perfect Platform for a Digital Dash Swap!

Got a Mustang? The Perfect Platform for a Digital Dash Swap!

Published by Nick T. on Jun 25th 2024

The Mustang has always been a popular platform for enthusiasts. From its good performance characteristics to the vast aftermarket, it continues to make waves in the community, especially with LS and Coyote swaps becoming increasingly popular. Luckily for you, we've made the addition of a digital dash to your Mustang the easiest upgrade you can make!

Usually adding a digital dash is one of the last things added to a build, but why swap out the factory gauges in the first place?

Customization and Functionality

If you're not in love with the look of the factory gauges, there's not much you can do to change it. Once you add a digital dash to the mix though, the sky is the limit! Holley's lineup is especially known for their ability to be customized as much as you'd like. From a few preset designs, to downloadable ones from various creators online to a fully personalized layout made by yourself, there's not much comparison to stock! 

Additionally, if you're looking to add additional gauges, such as boost, AFR, or volts, they can all be integrated within most digital dashes, where as traditionally you would be stuck fitting an out of place gauge pod in an otherwise less than ideal location. It's hard to beat the clean look of a well integrated digital dash!

If you'd like to read more, check out our post covering digital dashes here.

Mustang Offerings

Currently we offer dash bezels for the later Foxbody Mustangs, 1987-1993 as well as the SN95 or "New Edge" Mustangs from 1994 to 2004. Unfortunately, the earlier Foxes have a different dash that we haven't been able to crack just yet, but never say never! Also, we're planning to expand our lineup to other generations as well, so keep a lookout, you might see a Reversion Raceworks S197 dash insert in the not-so distant future!

'87-'93 Ford Mustang Dash Bezel

One of our first dash inserts! Even from the beginning we've been working from high-quality 3D scans from our Peel 3, matches all the factory mounting locations and curves. Even though its an earlier design of ours, we have constantly updated it. A while back we added support for the Tinker 7" and more recently we've added the FuelTech FT550 and FT600 dashes to the lineup for your Fox! We're certainly not done yet though... More to come later this year for the Foxbody!

'87-'93 Mustang with Haltech IC7

'94-'04 Ford Mustang SN95 Dash Bezel

The New Edge Mustang got the Reversion treatment shortly after the Fox, and has proven to consistently be one of our hottest dashes! As with all of our products, we modeled it off of precise 3D scans for that perfect fit every time! Just like the Foxbody, the SN95 supports all the major food groups when it comes to digital dashes, from Holley, Haltech, Tinker and FuelTech to support whichever direction you want to take your build! If you're looking to mount a dash we don't currently offer, simply fill out our custom dash form! We've done many custom SN95 dashes for less mainstream units! 

'94-'04 Mustang with Holley 6.86" Pro Dash

'94-'04 Mustang with custom bezel for BTI 7" digital dash

We've been lucky to work with a few awesome creators to add a Reversion Raceworks dash to their Mustang, giving you a great look into how easy the install process really is!

Check out Fastball Racing's install video here!