Holley? Tinker? FuelTech? Which Digital Dashes do we Support?

Holley? Tinker? FuelTech? Which Digital Dashes do we Support?

Published by Nick T. on Apr 25th 2024

We often get asked the question "which digital dashboards do you support?", since it can often vary based on the make and model of vehicle you're looking to purchase a bezel for. We thought it would be a great idea to run through the main dashes we make bezels for, as well as hit on some of the differences and design considerations for them. While we do offer support for other dashes not listed here, such as Motec, Racepak, ProEFI, AEM and others; those are typically one-off's and custom orders for our customers.


Our biggest seller and currently a dominate force in the industry, whenever we design a new dash bezel, it's usually with a Holley 7" or 6.86" in mind. Their small form factor make them a great choice for vehicles with smaller or more complex dashboard designs. When deciding between the two, it all comes down to what the customer is looking for out of their digital dash. The 6.86" Pro Dash is a newer, clearer, more capable display with its capacitive touch screen, but comes with a higher cost and a wide, rectangular footprint. The 7" on the other hand is an older model, utilizing a resistive touchscreen, but still offers great customization options a a lower price point.

The Holley 5" Sniper tends to be an in-between solution for many. In our experience, the guys that opt for a 5" Sniper are planning to upgrade toa larger 6.86" or 7" at some point for the larger screen and added functions, but with the 5" being under $500, its a great stop gap for them. That's why we've created a special adapter for the 5" to fit into a Holley 6.86" or 7" dash bezel. Simply choose a 6.86" or 7" dash bezel for you car, depending on which you're more likely to upgrade to in the future, then get yourself the corresponding 5" to 6.86" or 5" to 7" adapter plate and you're ready to run the Sniper!

Similarly, the 3.5" Handheld Tuner is used when guys are first setting up their EFI swap, and so we also offer adapter plate solutions for guys to mount the tuner in the dash while their waiting to get a larger display. Others like the idea of keeping the 3.5" handy, which is why we created the 3.5" to gauge pod adapter, with options for a centered or offset display. Now you can mount your 3.5" to any standard 2 1/6" or 52mm gauge pod, cleaning up your interior and giving you better access to the display. Of course, we recommend pairing this with our A/C vent gauge pod mounts where applicable!

Adapter plates for the 3.5" Handheld Tuner, in 6.86" and 7" configurations, respectively.

The venerable 12.3" Pro Dash is always a fan favorite! Retaining all the features of the 6.86" but in a larger package, when they fit, they look incredible! The tough part is making it fit! While with enough cutting, chopping and custom fabricating, you can make anything fit, we aim to make our bezels as close to a drop in solution as possible. Some of our 12.3" kits do require some minor trimming, see our Colorado write-up for example, we do the best we can to avoid this. An issue that often arises with the 12.3" is due to the size of the dash, it actually would cover up the original factory mounting locations for the factory dash, requiring dramatic redesign of the bezel in order to make fit.

12.3" Pro Dash mounted on a cut section of a '67-'72 C10 dashboard. This aided in product development!

If you're going with a Holley dash, don't forget to protect it with Dash Defense, our all in one screen protector package! Cuts down on harsh glare and fingerprints too!

Tinker Electronics

Tinker dashes have come into the market as an affordable alternative to many of the other big names. Utilizing a 3D printed case design, it aims to keep costs low for consumers. They also feature a light bar at the top, similar to the Holley 6.86". However, this protrudes from the case, which has made fitment an issue in some dashes. They offer a few different size options, including a 7" and a 10", but when developing bezels for them, we consistently found the dimensions of the 10" to not work well with most models, as the height and light bar causes fitment issues. We have added the Tinker 7" to the majority of our catalog, and it remains a staple of the lineup. Note that in some dashes, the light bar on the Tinker 7" is blocked due to height restrictions.

Tinker 7" in a '97-'02 Camaro. Notice how the light bars get cut off


The IC7 has been part of the Reversion catalog for years, offering another option for guys looking to complement their existing Haltech setup or to run in a standalone configuration. The IC7 is just the right size to fit nicely in most applications without issue, and can be found across the majority of our catalog. If you're in the market for a Haltech IC7, we also offer complimenting Haltech products, such as the GEN IV LS wiring harness and universal V8 SB/BB harness.

An IC7 mounted up in a Foxbody Mustang. Looks right at home!


In the past, we refrained from adding FuelTech options to our website, but when customers requested them, we almost always could create a custom FuelTech bezel for them. As demand grew, we realized our customers would be better served by simply expanding our catalog options to offer FuelTech as standard. You're now able to select the FuelTech FT450, FT550 or FT600 as a standard option for most of our offering!. If you're looking to add more function to your FuelTech bezel, by adding a WB-O2 for example, contact us and we can make it happen!

C6 Corvette bezel for a FT600 & two WB-O2's

Look forward to our Dash Defense line of screen protectors coming to FuelTech screens in the near future!

If you can think it, we can make it! Check out our catalog here or contact us for custom modification.